Barone's off - season training & preparation pays off!!!!

Jeremy Barone provided entertainment for the crowd at Byron Motosports Park as he battled with the #912 in the 30B class. They were "bar to bar" as "Doc" was using every inch of the track to try to make a pass stick for the lead in the 2nd moto.


Barone Spinal Care & Perf. Nuclear Series Round 2

Jeremy raced at Bryron Motosports Park today in the 2nd round of the 10 round, Barone Spinal Care & Performance Nuclear Series. Jeremy raced 3 classes (30 B/C, 250C & Open C)totaling 6 moto's.

30 B/C (10 Riders): Jeremy got a win in the first moto and 2nd in the 2nd moto for a 2nd overall.

Open C (25 Riders):  Jeremy got a 4th in moto 1, a 13th in moto 2 for a 7th overall.

250 C (33 Riders): 14th in moto 1, 4th in moto 2 for a 7th overall finish.

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